0113 3055800 SBS@leedsmind.org.uk

gatewayAfter your referral is received one of our admin team will call and book you in for a Gateway phone call. These phone calls usually last up to 30 minutes and give you an opportunity to find out more about the support we offer and ask any questions.

The information exchanged in this phone call allows us to make sure you get any immediate support you need and are signposted to any other help available. You will be asked some questions about your support network, how you are coping, your bereavement and any other stresses alongside this. Referral information, contact details, preference for the kind of support, your availability and which location you can be met at will also be checked.

At your initial support meeting, you will meet your worker or group facilitator and have access to resources such as Help is at Hand or Inquest. You will also be informed about our cancellation policy and be asked to sign a data protection agreement.

Feedback will be requested at each face to face meeting. Although you don’t have to provide feedback it is important for us to listen to the people we are supporting. This is especially important to demonstrate the need for the service. We also have opportunities to be part of our focus group meetings if you would like further opportunities to feedback your views.